She Has A Story

Hello ALL.

As we know, everyone has a story. Everyone has something about them that makes them unique, that makes them different in their own way.

I have a story. With this blog, I will tell my story in various ways because I think it’s time that the truth is told, MY truth. It’s time that people see where I come from & see where I want to go.

I have big dreams. I have bigger dreams than the stars above the sky.

Although I am now someone who likes to motivate people, who likes to encourage people, who likes to see everyone happy, I was not always this person.

Wait…let me take that back…I was … BUT… I lacked a few things. It took a trip around the world (figure of speech) to FINALLY understand my own story && now I am able to tell it & help others along the way.

So, sit back, Enjoy, && hop along this journey with me.

– Blessings ;



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