Promise Yourself

Promise yourself that you will make the most of priceless moments. Promise yourself that you will direct your attention and your efforts towards things that have real meaning and purpose to you. Promise yourself that you will be yourself, in a loving, authentic, and effective way in all that you do.promise-yourself-860x478 Promise yourself that you won’t waste your valuable time on useless anger, resentment, envy or worry. Remind yourself what an extraordinary opportunity you have in life even on the most ordinary days. Give yourself good and compelling reasons to get up each day and get going in a positive and productive manner. Give yourself great, wonderful, special dreams that are absolutely worth living. Allow yourself to see the beauty in every situation. Tell yourself again, and again how fortunate you are to be able to zero in on the positive possibilities and use them to make a real difference in life. Promise yourself to continue to fill yourself with joy and enthusiasm as you greet life each morning. Promise yourself to make each day meaningful in your own specific way.And lastly, Promise yourself to live, laugh and love life because tomorrow is not promised. Go on that trip. Tell that person you love them. Remind yourself that … (“If you wanna fly, You got to give up the sh** that weighs you down” – Toni Morrison)


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