Free to Choose

You do not have to be held back by fears, self-doubt or insecurities. You have the ability to move forward from them, to hold your head high and to be confident in who you are and in all that you do. There is no reason that you should settle for less than what you deserve. PERIOD. The past has brought you to where you are, nevertheless it has no power to hold you back. In each moment of everyday you are free to choose the direction of your life. We always have a choice. Reach within yourself and connect with a guiding purpose that you know is right just for you. Allow yourself to be the beautiful person that you are meant to be. Never let anyone stop you or change you from being that. Allow this moment, this day to be a fresh start. Let this moment be a blank canvas and allow yourself to paint the picture the way that YOU want your life to look like. Be your own motivation if no one else will. Lisa Nichols once said (“You are the designer of your destiny; you are the author of your story”)


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