Trust Yourself

According to Merriam Webster dictionary it defines trust as the “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something” and “one in which confidence is placed.” But unfortunately, trust can be broken in many ways. We may have been betrayed, mistreated, lied to or hurt by someone such as a partner, family, friend or colleague.

Instead of developing mistrust only for the person who hurt us, we often begin to be suspicious of every person from that point on. To protect ourselves and avoid getting hurt again, we carry our unpleasant memories of that original person with us and displace the distrust onto other relationships. Sometimes it only takes one person to determine that nobody is in fact trustworthy. In the process, we often lose trust in ourselves—simply because our judgment of the person or circumstance was incorrect—and we then wonder how we can believe our own judgment. As a result, we might close our hearts, repress our emotions, and walk around numb or suspicious in relationships.

The problem is, we need to be able to trust in order allow ourselves to fall in love and to feel loved. Yes, we can live our life by carrying our hurt everywhere we go… but not without consequences. The consequences of not trusting (and therefore not feeling) may hurt others who were not responsible for our pain and may deprive us of feeling loved and experiencing emotional wellness. This eventually leads to loneliness, depression, and relationship difficulties.

The first step to recovering our sense of trust is to learn to trust our own judgment and feelings again. When you start to say to yourself; “I trust myself,” you begin to restore faith in your judgment of others and situations, and as a result, you open your heart to love, joy and feeling safe again.



Lost and Found

Sometimes getting a little lost is the best way to find your true self. You can discover new paths you would have otherwise missed if you stayed in one direction, stumble onto new ideas you would have never imagined, reignite a spark you once lost and even recognize what you love and what you hate. During this time you can learn to understand what you’re truly capable of as well as face your deepest fears and insecurities. Sure, getting lost can make you feel angry, scared, uncomfortable and confused, but it can also be an eye-opening experience if you let it be. Realize that because you chose to carry on as the unrelenting hero and not the victim, you have already won.


Turning Point

Your troubles can sometimes be your greatest blessings because most of the time they will hound you until you make valuable improvements. Your troubles help you to seek and understand your weaknesses in which that enables you to begin transforming your strengths. See each challenge as an opportunity to raise yourself to a higher level. As like everything else, your troubles are what you make of them. You can choose to make each one a turning point in your life.Turning_Point_Sign_COMPRESSED Many of history’s greatest accomplishments were responses to terrible situations. Choose to find positive possibilities in everything that comes your way and nothing will ever be able to hold you back.

I found my smile

As I have gotten older, I have realized how crucial it is to take time out of your busy schedule to reflect, to meditate and to even pray. Often, too many of times, when we have time to think, it’s generally about the negative things that have gone on in our lives – and rarely do we think about the good things. Personally, I can admit that has been me one too many times.

As I have reflected this morning, the thought that came across my mind was the moment I found my smile again. The moment I found my happiness.

This time last year, while I was smiling on the outside, the inside of me was so sad for many reasons. Me being me, I never let people see that part of me. It took something in my life to happen, to click, for me to realize I did not want to be this way and/or feel this way anymore. It took me breaking down so many times to remember that trials in life happen and moving forward and letting go of the past is needed. Sometimes in life it takes one thing to force you to finally say “I’ve had enough of my own sadness” “I’ve had enough of my own pity party” to lead you to your smile. In that moment, I realized I wanted to be happy. I wanted to genuinely smile and mean it. You can only be happy when you allow yourself to be. You can only smile because you choose to. You cannot allow other people to generate that for you.

imagesThings could be worse than what they really are so there is no need to bring more pain to yourself when it doesn’t have to be that way.

I found my smile again in April of this year. It literally took months for me  to find it again but it happened and it’s genuine. I have accomplished so much more now than I did this time last year because I decided to love me and smile for myself. I decided that “self pity” does not look good on me. I wear my smile bold and proud and with all of the confidence in the world.

Remember, “Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that has struggled through tears”.


Keep your head held high

There’s no reason to be dismayed by what others think, say or do. If they want to be negative, let them. That’s their problem not yours. No person knows what’s best for you more than you do. No person knows what you are capable of accomplishing more than you do. Certainly, other people who are most important to you and value you can and will encourage you and be of great help to you. No matter the circumstances they will stick around. See the good in that and the positive in those around you. Connect with that. Pay no mind to those who may want to drag you down with criticism. There is no need whatsoever to let someone’s opinion stop you from what you have your mind and heart set on because, well, it’s just that an opinion. You are who you are regardless of what others think, say and/or do. Focus your energy, your awareness and your efforts on all of those positive possibilities that life has to offer. You are here, You are capable, and with your head held high, just know that the best is still yet to come.large

Let Go

Let go of that nagging feeling that something could go wrong. Whatever may happen, you can always choose to move forward. Let go of your resentment and anger over things that are beyond your control. Do the very best with where you are, with what you have, and make that more than enough. Let go of the pain you carry from things that have happened that were not necessarily what you wanted to occur, and allow yourself to experience the freedom of forgiveness. (When you don’t forgive and let go, you are only hurting yourself) Let go of regrets, the disappointments and distress. Choose to follow the very best of the possibilities that beckon you forward. Let go of all the excuses you have for not fully living. Give beauty and meaning to the life and world that you’re in right now. Find real fulfillment not in getting, but in being, in living. In letting go and forgiving.