Growing Pains

I turned 26 less than 2 weeks ago and I am very grateful for that. Where I come from, many people don’t make it past 21, so that is a blessing in itself.

Within the last year, even 6 months I have been doing some soul searching, some self searching and have come to realization that everything that I have dealt with, am dealing with is apart of Growing Pains.

Everything that you go through in life is helping you mold yourself into the person you are destined to be.

I use to think that I could breeze through life without any issues. I always send out positive energy so that energy I expected would be sent back to me. Boy, was I wrong. Not saying that my life has been HORRIBLE but I have managed to get a few bumps and bruises along the way.

It is now that I have come to realize that it’s OK. Of course, at the time when you are going through your problems, things may not necessarily be going the way you expect them to, you lose things (material and people) but along the way, you have to say to yourself, I had to say to myself it’s OK.

In reality if life were perfect and we had no problems, that would be somewhat of an issue, don’t ya think ?

Moral of what I’m saying is, in life we go through Growing Pains and these things/feelings are only temporary.


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