Cycle Of Love

Have you ever wondered why do we get into relationships, fall in-love, something goes wrong, break-up, fall out of love, go through the “I HATE LOVE” stage, hurt, cry, remember it’ll be ok, meet someone else, and go through the same thing again? At-least 3-6 times in our lives ?



That’s because studies show that you go through at least 3-6 (more or less) heartbreaks in your life before you find “the one”. Of course, when we are young we date and think that because things are so perfect, we will get married and things will last a life time. (of course for some that has happened) BUT … in reality, that is not the case. People change, people grow apart, you notice things later that you may have not noticed early on.

Take this woman for example.

It’s all a cycle ! That one breakup, that first heartbreak prepares you for the next, and the next until eventually you find that ONE !




This weekend I considered it to be “ART” weekend. I traveled around my city to see what I could find. This Beautiful Graffiti wall is located in downtown Houston Texas. What do you see when you look at this ? What is art to YOU ?

I decided to get a little creative::

Me 1 2

“Rather than demolish an abandoned warehouse, why not just cover it with graffiti and call it art?

25 Things Every Woman Should Have By 25

25 by 25 !



Since my 24th birthday is right around the corner, I’ve been also thinking about my 25th birthday. That got me thinking about the things that women should know & have by at least the age of 25.

1.  An intermixable, stylish wardrobe. Building a wardrobe takes time, but by 25, a woman should at least have the basics such as leggings, black pumps, the classic LBD and of course jeans that make a girl’s buns look yummy.

2. A personal color palette. We all have that one color (or a few) that we just can’t pull off because it either washes us out or just does nothing for our skin tone. Choose a color palette that makes you shine, makeup included.

3. Bank Account. This is beyond important.

4. Exercise Regimen. Whatever your niche is-Jogging, Pilates or Yoga; just make sure its fun and interesting for YOU.

5. At least…

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“I Love You”. Reasoning behind why it’s hard to say (Article)

Ever feel like you love someone but it’s not as easy to say aloud the first time because you are afraid of the reaction? Afraid of the wrong timing ?

This article sums up your every thought on that 4 letter word “Love”. Great read. What are your thoughts ?