I don’t care what they say.

People will always have an opinion on something you may say or do, that’s just a part of life. Although this is something that you may never be able to get away from, at the end of the day it’s all about you, what you want and YOUR happiness.

I have been through it all, I have seen it all, I have heard it all. It wasn’t until recently where I just had to say Fu** It. Sometimes you just have to say “Fu** It” !!.

I understand that many may not always like what you are doing, who you are doing it with, support what you have, understand your situation … BUT … it’s your life and your decision when it all boils down to it.

Date who you want, travel if you want, do what YOU want … because you are living for you and your own happiness. You don’t want to regret anything later and say “I wish this, I wish that” … Your life. Your Rules. Your mistakes if may be. Do You. Live for YOU.


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