Sit Back && Wait On It

You’re probably thinking “It” what is “It”. IT is everything that you feel you SHOULD have at the moment but haven’t quite gotten yet. Just sit back and wait on it.

I know that there comes a time in life when you have a moment where you wonder “Why don’t I have this yet” “Everyone is happy, why not me” .. We ALL have moments like those, trust me. We may think it..just not say it aloud.

Personally, I think that way quite often when it all boils down to it. I have had to sit back and remind myself that even though it may seem that everyone is “happy” and may have what they want, it’s ok to sit and wait for it. God has a plan for everyone and has a time that we get what it is we want and need. No need to rush.

I, of all people know how hard it is to sit and watch everyone have something that you want … and not have it yet.

My mom has always told me, you don’t know what people have had to do to get what they have, may look nice on the outside, may seem amazing on social media but you NEVER know. She said, so be thankful for what you have, be happy with what you have and everything else will fall into place when need be.

I see a lot of my friends with kids, in happy relationships, married, amazing jobs, buying homes, traveling, etc and I have questioned myself, why don’t I have this ? Why can’t I do this ?

Well, with that it’s just learning how to not question myself or GOD and just go with flow. I’ve come to an understanding that when it’s my time, it’ll be worth the wait. Be patient because you never know what greater things he has in store for you.

Of course we all want the greater and finer things in life, but sometimes rushing make make those things worse when you actually get them…. think about it.




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