The Past Is The Past

I will never have respect for a female or a male who have hurt someone and then try to come back in their lives. I just can’t. I understand the whole thing of forgiving,(cool) but … I don’t think I would ever see myself going backwards with someone who took me for granted and them some.

For some odd reason, once things go South in ones life, they tend to want to maneuver their way back in. HELLO, remember the time when you didn’t want me? The time when you did me wrong ? The time you kept bringing up the past ? … Ehhh… Nahh. I’ll pass.

I say this because I look at people’s situation and can’t even fathom doing that.

A few years ago, I was in lust of someone… He was fun for a while… and then, he began to treat me like shit …. Fast Forward to now, he sees I am happy, I have lost some weight, he wants me back. I laugh. I simply laugh and keep it moving.

I have found peace. I have found happiness. I don’t believe in moving backwards. I believe that when time is up, it’s up and lets move forward.




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