Bedroom Talk :: How To Keep It Spicy & Sexy

Don’t be afraid to go there ! … Don’t be afraid to let out your seductive side in the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to let that alter ego come alive and you WORK IT OUT ! …

My friends always ask me “How do you keep it spicy in the bedroom” .. My answer … Honestly, TRY NEW THINGS ! … BE OPEN ! LET OUT YOUR INNER HOE as I always say. lol.

When you have “routine” sex or “planned” sex and it is the same place, same moves… you better believe that it’s going to get old REALLY fast ! …

Be SPONTANEOUS ! … Forget the bed . Hell, go for the table, the floor, the kitchen counter. Make that pit stop at the store and do it in a parking lot if you will. Go for romantic night on the beach and have sand down your back while doing it until the sun comes up… BE FREE. SPICE UP YOUR LIFE.

Ladies :: Don’t be afraid to take control. It’s ok to show your man your “nasty” side. Nasty and Pleasure can work out in more ways than you think.

Forget “Ugh that’s nasty” or ” I would never ” or “I don’t do this, I don’t do that” … Forget ” I like it soft, not rough ” … It’s ok to change it up. Let him pull your hair, you can always wash and flat iron that weave back. It’s ok to be turned on by porn, It’s ok to moan, and scream and make the neighbors know his name. It’s ok to go back and forth with who is in control. Do things to make HIS eyes roll to the back of his head because you tried that new trick on him.

Put on that sexy lingerie, cater to your man, tease him and show him what’s coming. Do something out of the ordinary that he won’t be expecting …. Show him what you’re working with.

Sex is great of course … but … when you spice it up, change things around, it can always be better and take you to a place that you only imagined.



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