25 : The Age Of Self Happiness

In one week I will be 25 years old. DUN…DUN..DUN…

As I sit back and reflect on my life and all that I have done, I must say I have come a long, long, long way and it feels good.

When I turned 21, I thought that was the highlight of my my life … BUT  boyyyyyy …. that was only the beginning !

Most people say 25 means you are getting old and that is the time and age where you need to begin to settle down, (which may be true for some) .. BUT … none-the-less I feel 25 is the age where I will learn about the REAL ME.

I believe 25 is the age where I will begin to take a step in doing more for myself and letting everything fall into place rather than stew.

For years I have spent the majority of my life worrying about others and their happiness… don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind doing that at all …. but… I want 25 to be “The Age Of True Happiness, The Year For Me”

I want to live young, wild and free. I would like to be able to travel with no worries, get up and move if I want, party with no regrets, have late nights and early mornings, while still being able to focus on myself and handle my responsibilities at the same time. Just call me … WONDER WOMAN ! … because I plan to do it all !

I have gone around and asked many people their view of what it means to be 25 and how has 25 made or broken them.

Surprisingly, most have said the same thing ” Enjoy it ” this is the time to really embrace life and do what YOU want to do. You’re half way to 50.

I am taking that in! … As much as it sounds great to be tied down and have a family, when the time comes for it, it will happen. Enjoying life to the fullest is what I should be doing.

I plan on clasping my 20s with positive vibes and self-love.

25 will be the year of recognizing me. 25 will be the age that I will accept myself for what I am and embrace who I am. 25 will be the age of true happiness. Dammit… 25 will be the year of AWESOME and great things to follow !

CHEERS :: TO 25 !!!



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