The Real Me

Many times, I Often find myself trying to hide behind closed walls. (Metaphorically speaking) . I try to hide the “real me” from other people. Most individuals do know me as an inspirational, advice giving, loving, generous and caring person … in which I am,  but … deep down, I am a little more than that. I have this immense amount of love for people, I have an immense amount of emotions that pour out from my soul. At times, I am afraid to show it because many don’t know how to handle it, but … this is the real me. I realized I tend to become overly emotional when I am focused on something or someone I care for. Sometimes I believe one may think it’s too much. I hate that …but..this is the REAL me. The real me is someone who will give her last to someone just so they can have something, the real me is someone who does for others and expects nothing in return, the real me is a woman who is strong on the outside but does have weak moments… the real me is scared of lonely, this is me…and I am admitting that.  The real me is a woman who is admitting that she has jealousy issues when it comes down to being afraid to lose the ones she loves. Many people tend to hide their flaws and I don’t want to do that anymore. I don’t want to allow myself to be a woman who hides behind the truth. Truth is… at times I am an over-thinker and that’s OK, this is apart of the real me.This is me. This is ALL the real me. 


One thought on “The Real Me

  1. Wow that sounds like the real me as well… It’s almost, kind of scary how similar your post resonates within me… Thanks for sharing this, I don’t feel alone now.

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