Skinny Bish’ say what!?

The Doll Firm

My mother taught me to uplift others….it’s natural to me, I do understand it can be necessary to others. A genuine compliment can make someone’s day. I look for the positives in people when meeting them, as I would want someone to do in meeting me! The point is I give genuine compliments when I see fit, no matter the persons appearance, job, position etc. It seems when I give compliments to fuller figured women they misunderstand me, believing that I am a evil skinny witch. Giving subliminal mean girl rudeness. If you haven’t noticed I am skinny….I prefer the term slim. (no one uses it though) Ladies you are Beautifull (I meant the full part… a positive way) , I admire the full figured fashion gurus….breaking boundaries and presenting their self in an attractive and trendy matter. I am not one for killing ones spirit…but understand smaller people have…

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